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Iteration: Friday, September 29th, 10:37:42pm, 2017

Hi, I'm pushing my new portfolio soon. It's really awesome, and contains cool things such as a live availability schedule, and a blog section detailing recent work - even some tutorials and basic knowledge lessons!
This might cause some disruptions over the coming days, so heads up!

Reach Out To Me On Skype @ hi@joshuacusens.xyz

Currently Project Lead @ Whipp-It Perth

Directing @Intuitive Software Solutions

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Hi there.

My name is Josh.
I'm a Full-Stack Developer.

I'm passionate about making things, specifically web based applications.

I enjoy working both ends of development, Front End and Back End, and have proven experience in both.

I value clean, fluid, and functional designs, with an emphasis on usability, solid logic and design principles, and semantics.


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Say hi @ hi@joshuacusens.xyz.